Master Coaching Session

Master Coaching Session

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 Do you have a burning career question? Meet privately with our head guru and Master Coach, Donna Shannon, to get expert guidance on your most perplexing career questions.

Managing your career is a tough job. Don’t go at it alone.

 Like it or not, the career choices you make today will impact your life for years to come. From determining your career path to negotiating your job offer, you need a strategic, grounded approach that lays a foundation for your future success.

Topics for Hourly Coaching:

  • Salary negotiations
  • Interview skills
  • Career planning
  • Team leadership
  • Executive coaching
  • Job searching strategies
  • Unusual or “weird” career questions that you were afraid to ask anyone else!


  • Pre-meeting evaluation via Intake Form
  • 60-minute private meeting in person* or via Zoom
  • Follow-up action plan

 *In-person meetings are held at our Arvada, CO office.


Let’s be clear: This is not therapy

 As highly experienced career coaches, we are very focused on helping you reach your career goals. While we may discuss your challenges, professional relationships, and even your private doubts, this is not therapy. If you need professional help in those areas, we can recommend other sources for you.


Our schedules do fill up quickly. Purchase today to get the first pick on our calendars. We accommodate evening and weekend appointments on a limited basis. Please call 720-452-3400 for details.