Private Chef Resume & Cover Letter

Private Chef Resume & Cover Letter

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Creative chefs need an equally tasty resume to highlight their talents while catering to the specific needs of high-net-worth employers.

Fortunately, we know how to showcase your talents.

 Serving high-net-worth principals often require making adjustments, and your resume and career documents should show all of your abilities in the kitchen and beyond. Plus, just imagine how well the agencies can match you with the right household when they understand your personality and your talents.

What you get:

  • Resume
  • Custom cover letter
  • Our exclusive questionnaire
  • Skills assessment specifically for private chefs
  • 30–45-minute interview with your writer
  • 2 rounds of editing


  • Our list of agency contacts – over 40 of the top agencies in the industry
  • Our Guide to Private Service Agencies eBook


Should you not receive an interview within 90 days of completing your project, you will receive your choice of an additional edit or a 30-minute coaching session with a senior coach at PTCS. (See Client Agreement for complete details.)